Sunday, January 31, 2010

It's a good day when Ellie May Clampett is one of your bullet points

Dosh - Wolves and Wishes (lala)
Owl City - Ocean Eyes (lala)
Tindersticks - Falling Down a Mountain

Pictured, in order:
  • My day began with a Lego vehicle building session and subsequent epic battle. Were I a wealthy, wealthy man, this would be how I would start and likely spend most of every day. You will note that my blaster-festooned walking attack vehicle on the left has springs for legs which not only make it suitable for any terrain, but also means it can hilariously do the splits.
  • Then, the brunch at Byronz Bistro (I know, the Z is problematic for me too but evidently it has been like that since the bronze age) split order of shrimp potato cakes and Eggs Sardou, all topped by a riot of Hollandaise barely kept in line by a loose phalanx of capers.
  • We got Sukie ready for the Krewe of Mutts dog parade. She took to faerie wings better than I suspected and subsequently became my spirit animal.
  • The USS Corsair, the local Star Trek club was out at the dog parade soliciting new members. I encourage their participation in more public events. I want them to buy time on public radio so that their gospel of going where no other public-radio-supporter has gone before may be spread far and wide. I like that their shuttlecraft is the "Beignet." I may have to join.
  • Donna Douglas rode in the parade. You may remember her as Ellie May Clampett in TV's Beverly Hillbillies. It tried my best paparazzi moves to get her to look at the camera, but, ever the pro, she stayed the course. It would be awesome if I could get her to join the crew of the Corsair with me.
  • The dog parade had a loose space theme going - "2010: A Space Pawdessy"; maybe the USS Corsair is exerting its influence. I'm not sure if I get the meaning of the Galaxy Poop-A-Lot float, but the dogs, like all of them were totally cute.

Not pictured:

  • I am reading Peter Murphy's John the Revelator, which kicked into gear about half-way through. I have a hard time telling exactly when the book takes place. Its Irish-ness makes it a bit timeless to me. I thought it might be set in the mid 1960s until Jabba the Hut came up.
  • I have also been playing iPhone Scrabble a lot. Now that is an app. I am open to wiping the floor with any of you Facebook tile-pluggers out there.
  • Also listening the tar out of (what's the right way to say this?) the new Tindersticks record, though this one may actually be recorded for headphones and not speakers. It didn't have the same locust-swarm loneliness when it wasn't pumped directly into my head. I am nursing a theory that Tindersticks is the evil twin of Roxy Music, but then I need to address the particular evils in the Roxy catalog again, and possibly remake/remodel my notions.

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