Wednesday, January 13, 2010

no sense of wonder or no sense of scale

Duke Ellington - Collages (listen)
Robert "1-String" Gibson - "It Ain't Easy" (via Myspace)
Gastr Del Sol - Camofleur

I forget I should listen to Duke Ellington. Someone should occasionally remind me. Collages from 1973 is from the Duke's lush yet trippy side which, honestly, I wasn't aware he had. I particularly like the way the piano staggers across the alien expanse of "Nameless Hour" like a dazed astronaut after a crash, his own footprints in the dust being the sole sign of life.

Should that astronaut investigate the rattling at the edge of the crater, he might find the curious Robert "1-String" Gibson sitting on a milk crate issuing endless epiphanies into the thin alien air.

That astronaut would most likely be unaware that his every movement was being monitored by the storied mystics of Gastr Del Sol, who defy Gibson's perma-blues rattle with the accusation that it is "Most blues are subtitled either no sense of wonder or no sense of scale." No one on the planet's surface knows what they mean by that, but they like the way they say it. The scene up in the aerial meditation tower in which these observations are made would look something like this.

I'm thrilled to find Camofleur at the library since I have purchased and lost it at least three times over the years.

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