Tuesday, January 26, 2010

'piano glued to a sport-car-sized satellite dish'

Joanna Newsom - songs from Ys, live at First Unitarian Church Sanctuary in Philadelphia 11/16/2006 (YouTube playlist)
Pearls Before Swine - These Things Too (lala)
Dosh - "Subtractions" (Pitchfork mp3)

The video is Jupiter's rotation as viewed by the New Horizon's satellite which "has been compared to a 'piano glued to a sports-car-sized satellite dish'", via ROOT BLOG. You should go full screen on both the video and the comparison.

This Joanna Newsom concert is gorgeous and intense, but I think I would be getting antsy half-way through, kinda like any time I'm in church. Or any time I listen to Joanna Newsom. Her new song streaming up on the Drag City site is sitting with me rather well, though.

I really like Pearls Before Swine.

I hate email. There is a big goofy movement going on about deleting your Facebook or whatever, committing social network suicide, but I'm more tempted to delete my gmail account, which has turned into an avalanche of impersonality. It has become my official envoy to the world, so it will stay, but it makes me smile less than status updates do anymore. Social networking is still not quite social, but it at least feels like I'm in space watching the planet spin by catching a glimpse of people I know dotting the surface. Email feels like a loading bay most of the time.

I have a Google Wave account cookalexv at googlewave dot com if you are hip and want to get funky with new correspondence protocol and attempt a successful wave or just talk over each other like we would in real life.

Dig this time-lapse-ish one of Voyager I's approach to Jupiter while listening to the aforementioned track by some guy/band named Dosh. One frame per rotation. That spot is coming to get you.

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  1. Ah, This is awesome! Clears up
    many contradictions I've heard