Tuesday, January 19, 2010

no longer dying

"Iran: An Unlikely Treasure Chest Of Funk" (from NPR's Funk Archeology blog)
Darius Jones Trio - Man'ish Boy (A Raw & Beautiful Thing)
The Heavy (MySpace)
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - Jukebox Explosion (listen)

What a great little series! I think NPR may be the only ones to get radio-on-the-internet as opposed to podcasts and downloads, I'd like the experience to be a little more fluid from a user standpoint, but I find myself listening to more and more NPR sets and album previews lately than anyone else. Plus, I've been dying to hear some of Iran superdiva Googoush after reading about her in the Believer's 2008 music issue. The song NPR chose didn't really floor me, but at least I am no longer dying. Trip on this:

The Darius Jones disc is the one I bought yesterday. I was expecting something perhaps avant-bluesier given its title, and the presence of a diddley-bow but it is instead Coltrane/Ayler/Sanders forlorn stretched on the drying rack until the threads start to separate, a few cracks appear. Room-slowly-filling-with-water music.

Here is some surveillance footage of their blues underbelly

I did not see the Heavy play Letterman the other night, but a guy I'm chatting with right now did and put me on them. Check out that song "No Time" on their page. It'll scratch that chigger bite itch. Kinda back a million years ago when you first heard Jon Spencer bark and bellow, it made you wanna dig a million years back more.

The above photo is the bass speaker at my feet through which it and everything else is felt.

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