Wednesday, January 27, 2010

hormone backseat purity

Stephan Eicher - "MiniMiniMiniMinijupe"/"Sweet Jane"
Alex Chilton/Alan Vega/Ben Vaughn - Cubist Blues (lala)

This bowl of vegetables is part of what I had for lunch. I'd call it a salad but there was no dressing, so bowl of vegetables it remains.

The 1980 Stephan Eicher single is as rock 'n' roll a thing I've heard in ages, despite it being "minimal wave" as celebrated by this roundup in FACT magazine. How the article fails to mention the stripped-to-the-marrow variant of the Velvets classic that comprises the B-side (I think; maybe it's all one song) is beyond me, but forgivable. Side A is hormone backseat purity. If you like Suicide (the band or otherwise) you will be all over this.

But then have y'all heard Cubist Blues? If you have, why didn't you tell me about it? The guy from Suicide and the guy from Big Star and a Dickinsonian producer type who recorded a song called "Rambler '65" in the back of his car. Whole lotta feral goin' on.

"Fat City" is so primitive that I accidentally had the YouTube video playing over the song on Rhapsody and it sounded even better. An army of teenage delinquents bearing jamboxes with this playing out of sync would be unstoppable.

On "Candyman", they reinvent Joy Division in their own fractured image.

In this week's edition of my 225 blog I say of Lafayette's Givers "[They] strike me as a band that does only one narrow thing, but they do massive amounts of it – kinda like creating a whole pie by replicating that perfect piece enough times." This assessment can be applied here as well.

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