Friday, January 29, 2010

"instead of you"

Even with all that cheery tile, his self-image remained elusive.

That would be my caption were the above photo of me looking despondent in a modernist interior (instead of the bathroom at work) and posted on Unhappy Hipsters, the funniest thing I've come across all day. Don't wear it out like you did that dude pretending his dad still says all that shit, OK?

Second funniest, actually. Maya and I were saying two-word non-sequiturs to each other this morning on the walk to school and she came up with "piranha blanket." That was the funniest. I proposed that be the title of a surf rock tune for our band Dirty Silverware. She asked if her friend could be in the band; I thought I could detect an unspoken "instead of you" at the end of her question.

They say all comedy is laced with cruelty. And people wonder why I'm an unhappy hipster.

I'm so choked with despair that I messed up my blog format order! MY BLOG FORMAT ORDER! I'm just a big phony. Where's my goddamn pirahna blanket? I feel a chill.

Karlheinz Stockhausen - "Mixtur 2003 (Forward version)" (ANABlog)
Tindersticks - Falling Down a Mountain (Streamed from them)

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