Saturday, January 2, 2010


Debris sandwich from Byronz Bistro

Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (listen)
A Forest Mighty Black - Mellowdramatic Remixed
Various Artists - Music for Hotels Vol. 1

I was doing some invoice-y kinds of things this morning and noticed via my slack filing nomenclature that today's date is a tidy little palindrome. That's the right way to be reflective, I think; back and forth. Speaking of slack and reflective, it seems that I have forgotten about my sworn duties as music editor of what with my output becoming a relative trickle toward the end of the year, but I still showed respectfully in the annual round-up of the most widely read articles on the site. This year, Paul. I will remember to dance with them that brung me. Looking back, I still really like my Michael Jackson plunderphonics piece and I should try to review more classical music.

We had a lovely good luck NY dinner of Polish cabbage rolls and potato pancakes and black eyed peas with friends last night and then a killer brunch at Byronz, or at least my debris sandwich pictured above was killer, and if there are any resolutions to make, it's to do more of that, and less of the things that make me feel isolated in the world.

RIP The Caterie. It was never really my scene but still it was very much the live music center of Baton Rouge for a lot of people, and the practice rooms in the back were the incubation chamber for much of my favorite local music. I've been there plenty of times and even my daughter had a drum lesson there but last Tuesday. It is possible that I lost a lent guitar in the fire, but that is inconsequential; I'm just happy that no one was hurt. And, nothing is ultimately lost but some gear and musty rented room at the end of the long, stinky hallway illustrated below.

"Rebirth" and Phoenix indeed.

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