Monday, January 22, 2007

Darkness, Racket and Twang

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Darkness, Racket and Twang: Essential Listening from the Fringes of Popular and Unpopular Music by Alex V. Cook

Originally published in personal journals and public websites, the pieces in this collection capture an original voice stepping beyond the veneer of rock-n-roll and and opening the doors of constant epiphany that the author experiences along the margins of popular, and more often, unpopular music. It is as much travel writing, documenting the psychic terrain of the music-obsessed, as it is criticism.
ISBN-10: 0-9776849-2-X

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The Ego Demands Linkage

Here are the many online facets of the jewel that is me

Chicken Fried - A haphazardly updated compendium of music reviews and articles I have published in various places
among them is outsideLeft - the finest irreverent culture mag to bless the internet, for which I am music editor
and The Record Crate - a weekly local Baton Rouge music blog I write for 225 Magazine, along with other articles
The Very Eye of Night - An obsessive blog about experimental and personal film
The obligatory MySpace page where I post the occasional music I make
The even more obligatory LiveJournal which is mostly friends-only but I am extremely easy to befriend.