Monday, October 6, 2014

Under the influence of A WOMAN UNDER THE INFLUENCE

"cos he was the one to send it with truth that's something from 
someone and Gena Rowlands" - Fugazi, "Cassavetes"

5 things:

  1. Gena Rowlands in John Cassavetes' A Woman Under the Influence is killing me.

  2. Here is part 2 of the movie.

  3. We got cable and a new TV and Google Chromecast so we can stream everything to everything and experience the media world like all the ants in the digital anthill at once.

    It sort of works. The system glitched out just as Gena Rowlands asked her kid if he thought she was dopey and the kid said "You're smart. You're pretty. You're nervous, too." I feel that way about our wireless network. And the move in general, I guess. Everything I like is smart, pretty and nervous.
  4. Honestly, I don't know Cassavetes' work all that well. I know he's important in that golden era of film that I don't really get into. I'm more familiar with this Fugazi song about him.

    Fugazi, "Cassavetes" from In On the Kill Taker.
  5. But, wow, what a movie.  It is a masterwork in staggering dynamic shifts, like the scene where the African-American guy working for Peter Falk starts singing and Gena Rowlands is transfixed and all up in his face like he is going to kiss him and then the worker places a hand on Gena's head like she's going to kiss her but doesn't and then it escalates further and Peter Falk bellows for it to stop and it does as if the earth quit rotating.  He apologizes later not knowing who or what he is apologizing for. Theirs is world held together by frayed cords.

    I haven't even gotten into part two of the movie and I still want to sing its praises. I need something new to get into (in this case, Cassavetes) like I need a hole in my head.
    Speaking of things with holes, I think I have a new guitar. It is smart and pretty. Not even nervous.
    Porch life forever.

    It is a black lacquered Fender acoustic/electric, well suited for absorbing all possible light and transmitting my mannered darknesses.

    "in the dark till the lights came up my heart beating like a riot riot " - Fugazi, again.