Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I will take a satsuma any day

Sarah Jaffe - Even Born Again (listen)
Midlake - The Courage of Others (their blog)
The Flaming Lips, Stardeath and White Dwarfs, Henry Rollins, and Peaches - Doing Dark Side of the Moon (listen)
Cecil Taylor - Tzotzil/Mummers/Tzotzil (listen)

Like I said, I left my lunch on the bus yesterday morning, but what I forgot to report was that when I got on the bus in the afternoon, the bag with my lunch was still sitting on that same seat, unmolested except that someone took the satsuma. I don;t blame them, I will take a satsuma any day. At our old apartment, Maya and I would "steal" satsumas from this tree down the street on our evening walks. One day we got caught and the tennants said "Please, take as many of those damn things as you want." Like they saw a citrus tree bursting with easy-to-peel fruit as a nuisance. We'd kill off five of them as we made the block, filling the side pocket of my cargo shorts with the peels.

This dome of satsuma peel made me think of the geodesic dome that used to be in north Baton Rouge and that I need to write that story about it, or shape the events of my brief encounter with it into a story. Part of the NY resolution is to get back to such things because those are the things that got me where I am and will get me where I'm going.

Speaking of going and Baton Rouge (but not satsumas or domes), you should go see Sarah Jaffe and Midlake tonight at Spanish Moon. It will be a luminous way to stave off the cold.

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Meanwhile, it's only getting weirder in here.

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