Monday, January 4, 2010

hands up

Prom Date - The Demo (MySpace)
Doveman - The Conformist (listen)
Blackroc - Blackroc (listen)

I am apparently coming on soft in 2010; last year this time I was hittin' the funk and racket pretty hard and now I am feeling so pliable and a little vulnerable and want hushed tones. I am over my usual sandblasting approach and am instead I'm wiping my slate clear with soft pine branches from right outside my window. It feels good to lose my edge a little. Local confectionaires Prom Date are sweet and bubbly as their name and listening to that Doveman record that my Smartest Boy of the 2000's Nico Muhly played on is like being pelted with powdered sugar in a Danish modern apartment on the moon.

The best thing I saw this morning, something so striking it made me forget my lunch on the bus, is this little dissertation posted on jane dark's sugarhigh! about Miley Cyrus' "Party in the U.S.A." an insipid song that I find myself liking a little. Any song my daughter will sing along with automatically wins my heart, but really she is no Miley Cyrus fan. Or maybe more correctly, my daughter is no Hannah Montana fan; that fake human cartoon shit is just too stupid to seriously ponder its existence, but "Party in the U.S.A." and its figurehead are both unequivocally there. I just came back from Disney World recently and bore witness to the Mouse's keen ability in routing people to the cash register, and am aware that Miley is still a carefullly groomed product, just like everything is I guess.

Ms. dark nails it with "[she] succeed in buying a terrific song" and uses the mega-ditty deftly to measure the depth of the post-race veneer tacked up on this shiny new "well...we elected one-a them as President!" era. Hands up, she's playing my song with that kind of thinking, the kind of thinking I am thinking about applying to the Blackroc disc now that I think about it. Forest, meet trees.

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