Tuesday, January 12, 2010

5 things that answer some of the questions in the previous post

  1. The arc we walk is laden with shadows and our progress marked by the occasional trash can.
  2. A person I recently interviewed stopped my wife to say how much he enjoyed talking to me.
  3. This sickeningly narcissistic and reflective mood I'm in compelled me to take the above arc-ing sidewalk to the barber shop and make this winter beard presentable. I am smitten with the biker goddess that cuts my hair. She is like a real-life Katey Segal from Sons of Anarchy. She told me about having a houseful of grandkids for the holidays and how she doesn't whip her grandkids, and that's why they run rip-shod over her.
  4. Blogging has somehow begat a magazine called Artful Blogging,
    which basically looks like if Redbook were staffed by etsy veterans. Lots of off-center pictures of vintage clothes in hangers languishing in natural light and careful piles of buttons and books and stones. I dare not check to see if Artful Blogging has blogs on its website, because that may open up a feedback loop of e-coyness that even I am unable to traverse. The campus bookstore is so weird; they don't stock the five decent magazines I would consistently buy on weak moments, but they carry Artful Blogging.
  5. This Dengue Fever compilation of Cambodian lounge pop is beyond beguiling. It makes the barber shop and bookstore and the sidewalk feel exotic. I don't know if it or any of the above answer any questions posed in the previous post. Or what I was even asking.

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