Wednesday, January 27, 2010

whole note

Dosh - Wolves & Wishes (lala)
Aphex Twin - "4"
The Fall's Mark E. Smith and Ed Blaney - "The Train, Part 3"

The moon looks like a whole note on the music staff of the universe.

My review of Owen Pallett's Heartland is up on outsideleft, in case you were waiting for my signal to see if it was safe to like it or not.

I am picking up what this Dosh person is laying down; sorta like LCD Soundsystem while being sorta like Bruce Hornsby. The notion of "If You Want To, You Have To" seems like sage pop trifle wisdom; it speaks not to impulse but listening to the requirements of one's nature.

"4" by Aphex Twin is just about one of my favorite little songs ever. There is not much there, but what is there is perfect. You can do that with the precision of synthesizers.

The Fall is supposedly my favorite band ever, yet the existence of this rambly gambol form last year between their lead singer and (I think bandmate) Ed Blaney completely slipped past my radar. It is 40 minutes of unformed geezer racket that whispers the hidden command language of my inner lunatic. Maybe I didn't hear them before because of the whispering. What's that, love? Where are parts 1 & 2?


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