Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Hold on, let me fish the hot dog out of my coffee."

Behold, the jalapeño pig-in-a-blanket from Mary Lee's Donuts, a generic jalapeño sausage wrapped in unglazed donut dough and fried to glory by the alchemy of the donut shop. Check out the little Magic Marker "J" on it, differentiating it from the other flavors of pigs-in-their respective-blankets. I just put a lot more thought than necessary in that pluralization. Witness its juicy interior. I was so hungry for it it didn't occur to me to pop it in the toaster over right there until after it was gone. I did manage to drop a little piece of it, thus being maybe the first person ever to brandish a fork and utter, "Hold on, let me fish the hot dog out of my coffee."

1 comment:

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