Friday, January 22, 2010

you can Handel it

IL Complesso Barocco, cond. by Alan Curtis - Handel's Ezio
Shearwater - The Golden Archipelago
Skullflower - Transformer (listen)

With spring come the students and hot on their scent are the idlers whose life's work is to stand in front of the union and condemn them to Hell. I landed in a funk this morning, and this hoarse bastard with his frank sign somehow cheered me up a little. A skater kid (or looked the part, or maybe I'm so old they all look that way now) sat opposite him holding a sign scrawled with "You deserve Love" and while I appreciate his sentiment, I'm kinda liking the "You deserve Hell" guy. His message is a little more fun to roll around with.

Don't get me wrong: the itinerant preacher seemed like a perfectly horrible person, one I would categorize as a specific strain of the self-righteous about which my friend astutely remarks: It's people like you that make me hate people like you. And OK, perhaps we are all whores and liars and maybe we do deserve hell. That thought has probably crossed the mind of every person walking by, wincing at your strained bellow, frowning at being in the crossfire of the pissing match you are having with love boy. Just trying to get a bagel here, OK? It is like superfluous punctuation; one exclamation mark is enough.

The selection of Handel's monumental failure of an opera to soundtrack this scene was inspired by a mutual acquaintance my friend lumps into her category. The Shearwater is a grower. Skullflower sits atop a mountain watching the sun set toward the apocalypse. The weather is lovely; it can be noted that the students of this university did not deserve Hell when it was cold and rainy out. The writing is on the wall for you to read, if you can Handel it. See you in Hell!!

Shearwater - The Golden Archipelago from KMS on Vimeo.

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