Friday, January 1, 2010

a more enigmatic image

Maya found this guitar pick on the floor at the coffee shop this morning and I thought, what a good omen for the new year! I should go write a song using this guitar pick and anthemize this shiny new decade in proper style, and then I set it on the table and it looked like the play button on the YouTube videos I post here and though that seem less a fabulous thing then a song, it is a more realistic way for me to engage here with this new decade. Press play and let me show you what I've found.

Around that very coffee shop table we agreed that the hurdles and tribulations of 2009 should be seen as down-shifting as we climb the mountain of 2010.

I then saw a more enigmatic image in yesterday's New York Times, which was laying there just out of the above photo's frame.

Please read Roberta Smith's wondrous "Time, the Infinite Storyteller," which casts the Metropolitan Museum of Art as a muti-demesional refracting lens through which one may view time, illustrated by this image “The Creation of the World and the Expulsion From Paradise” (1445) by Giovanni di Paolo. Really, I'm not sure if I got everything she said but it rang my head like a bell while reading it. If the newspaper business is to devolve into boutique industry in this decade, please let the NYTimes go in this kind of direction. So take refuge in art, she says at the beginning of the second paragraph. Good advice!

Here are some things I have in print this month, should you seek refuge in mine:

A profile of avant garde pop composer Mikel Rouse in Offbeat, in anticipation of the premiere of his piece Gravity Radio at the CAC in New Orleans on Jan 23.

A chat in 225 with Baton Rouge Symphony conductor Timothy Muffitt about his taste in pop music.

The tentative rebirth of the legendary Gator Bar in the most recent Country Roads. My daughter perused this piece in the car the other day and said "Hmm... good article."

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