Friday, January 15, 2010

Earlier today

Earlier today I was:

  • Eating my lunch
    • Which was largely sourced from
      • Whole Foods
        • Turkey sandwich
          • Smoked turkey
          • Genoa Salami
          • Challah bread
        • Veggie Chips
        • Grapes that were
          • Overpriced
          • Delicious
      • Augmented by a Diet Coke
        • Which I stole from a secret cache
        • Which isn't so secret
    • In the student union, which is
      • Largely devoid of students for the last day of the year
      • Being remodeled to look like an airport
        • I half-like this because the place was
          • A maze of unusable space
          • A trillion concrete staircases everywhere
          • Antiquated conference rooms
          • Half-baked FLW ambitions
        • I half-dislike it because I enjoyed the dramatic brio of all of the above
        • At least they still have
          • The Bauhaus chairs
          • These cozy contour chairs (pictured above) I have occasionally been sitting in for about twenty years now
        • I like the mess they made of the lighting fixtures in the main basement hall
          • It looks like an art installation
          • I hope they keep it this way
          • They won’t
  • Reading
    • Wells Towers story “Raw Water”
      • From the forthcoming McSweeney’s issue
      • Via “Small Chair,” the McSweeney’s subscription iPhone App
        • I think I could get to like the digital magazine
        • Though I had a hard time trying to figure out how to “turn the pages” of the story
        • Until I stopped trying o figure it out and just “did it”
        • Which is the beauty/horror of iPhone app design
    • God, Wells Tower
      • Is a hell of a short story writer
      • Has the coolest name ever
    • It’s about a two people coming from Boston to rent a house on the shore of an artificial sea created in the Nevada desert.
  • Listening to
    • Owen Pallett’s Heartland
      • Achingly lovely
      • At a low enough volume to
        • Not distract from my reading
        • And yet try to drown out
    • The scurry of people in the open part of the union
      • Milling about
      • Getting their lunch.
And am aware that any or all of the above might be construed as the hallmarks of an insufferable person.

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