Wednesday, January 20, 2010

dig my awesome lamp

Led Zeppelin - Live at LSU, Baton Rouge 1975, soundboard recording (still, this link)
Spoon - Transference (listen)

Seriously, dig my awesome lamp. I rescued it from the closet of my old office to address the marked and oft-commented-upon gloominess of my current one. It is huge. Carrying it down the hall wrapped over my shoulder made me think of the post-coital caress a male praying mantis experiences right before his head gets bitten off.

I made it all the way through the above linked tremendous recording of LZ at LSU up to the 8-minute mark of "Moby Dick." I think this is where they reach the palace of Wisdom down at the end of the road of excess and decide to repave that road in one more layer of gold, just to be sure. I'm recovering with the new Spoon, where formerly one of the more the anti-Zeppelin bands around gets their nerd-reduction Plant/Page on, or is that just actual transference at play? And glance adoringly at my new lamp.

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