Saturday, January 9, 2010

much cooler with a zombie

A busy 24 hours, illustrated in order:
  • Cars and Girls at the Spanish Town Fire Benefit at Red Star
  • Calvin Hairstyle & Fried Ice - notice that the bands are getting bigger as the night goes on
  • The Melters, Baton Rouge's Funnest
  • The Axes of Evil, Baton Rouge's most fucking sheddingest 80's metal simulacrum
  • A cappuccino at Highland Coffees
  • Me touching the hand of an electric god at the science museum.
  • Convex is surprisingly slimming.
  • Maya getting her Pythagoras on.
  • Among the bins of "Cards" and "Bottle Caps" and "Fancy Paper" in the crafts area, there is inexplicably a bin of "Pig Figures."
  • I happen to love our sweet little planetarium despite it being neither IMAX nor 3D or anything. One day I will go to Laser Floyd. The projectionist composed his own soundtrack to the sky show, which I find unbelievably cool. I texted my wife to crack wise about the music for "Sea Monsters" being scored by Peter Gabriel - oh, how far the sledgehammer has fallen - but truthfully, it was a great soundtrack. Also, National Geographic, keep the "acting" in your films to a minimum and just get on with the CGI already.
  • The planet gallery as you exit the planetarium. Maya wanted to drop her hat down through the planets, but I told her if it got caught up on one of the inner planets, she was going to have to find someone to help her get it down. She risked it, and the hat boldly went where probably plenty of dropped things have gone before.
Not pictured: the mummy which I accidentally referred to as a zombie. "C'mon, lets go see the zombie before the movie starts." We both thought the display would be much cooler with a zombie.

Also: one of our pipes froze overnight - unprecedented in Baton Rouge - and we thawed it.

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