Friday, May 9, 2008

Today's Soundtrack: 5/9/2008

Terry Riley's A Rainbow in Curved Air synced up with the final scene of 2001: A Space Odyssey

Starling Electric - Clouded Staircase
If Robert Pollard and Philip Glass were surrogate parents for a boy raised by Badly Drawn Boy under strict guidelines as to atone for his own perceived sins. Then, when that boy finally rebelled he ended up mirroring the traits of all his fathers, like all boys do when they rebel.

Badly Drawn Boy - One and One is One
The About a Boy soundtrack has been on heavy rotation in our house lately, and I think Hour of the Bewilderbeast is virtually flawless, but I've never really listened to any of his other records. Here, he sounds like Sufjan Stevens, except unafraid of his burgeoning libido.

Matmos - Supreme Balloon

for review purposes.

Terry Riley - A Rainbow in Curved Air/Poppy Nogood and The Phantom Band
for reference purposes for reviewing the above.

Boredoms - Super AE
I am a devout fan and frequent listener of their Vision Creation Newsun but haven't listened to this record that led up to it in some time. I remember it being maddeningly repetitive, but I've listened to a lot of repetitive music since then. It sounds lovely and intimate to me now. Maybe I'm the one that is maddened.

Keiji Haino - Decided... Already the...
Inspired by the above and this article that bled through the static this afternoon. Back when I hated my job all the time, I'd always pick something violent and raucous to which I could count down the clock, imagining myself as The Hulk destroying cubicles and throwing co-workers through plate glass windows. Now I love my job and life, so I can experience the rabid mayhem of Japanese noise artists for their own peculiar rewards.

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