Sunday, May 4, 2008

Today's Soundtrack: 5/4/2008

Ravi Shankhar - Raag Desi
I recognize that musing, maybe some rāga on this fine spring morning before mowing the grass..., opening up Word so that I can put the "ā" in, actually listening to it, and then bloggging about it is as precious as it gets, but I own it unabashedly. Beeeeyowwwwwwnnnnnnn doo doo da doo dah dahhhh....
Ravi Shankhar totally shreds.

Trojan Box Set: Instrumentals
Any of the zillion $10 3-CD sets of semi-obscure reggae are worth your dime. Sure quality control is not the greatest concern, but your get 50 adequate to occasionally awesome reggae sunsplashes by neither Bob Marley nor UB40,that you would not hear otherwise, ensconced in a handy and smart little cardboard box. I mean, who would ever thing to look for your weed in there?

Vetiver - Vetiver
I thought this was the best record I had ever heard when I first heard it, and it is still a lovely, lovely record. The birds in the other room are twittering away as it unfurls. It is almost a shame to disrupt this sylvan moment with a two-cycle engine and a whirling metal blade, but the corruption to my domestic tranquility will be worse if the city comes and mows my grass, thinking my yard to be the victim of calloused neglect.

The sounds Wii Sports Tennis makes when you lose (x25)

The sounds Wii Sports Tennis makes when you win! (x1)

The sound of retiring from Wii Sports Tennis at the top of your game!

Boris - Smile (Japanese version)
I contend that the members of Boris might actually be Mii's gone rogue, jolted into existence when a Wii prototype was accidentally hooked up to a giant stack of Orange amps during a thunderstorm.

John Zorn - Six Litanies for Heliogabalus

Roscoe Holcomb - The High Lonesome Sound
These seem like an odd pairing, but given that they were listened on the way to and from an assignment to visit the grave of a horse that once belonged to Adolph Hitler, it all becomes crystal clear.

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