Sunday, May 11, 2008

Review of Moonchild: The Films of Kenneth Anger

Scorpio Rising (1963) by Kenneth Anger

I was already familiar with and a fan of Kenneth Anger's sumptuous and difficult movies (Scorpio Rising, Invocation of my Demon Brother, Lucifer Rising) but I never quite understood the whole Crowley magick business entwined them until now. Film nerds with a goth/intellectual bent, rejoice.

My favorite part is the list of earlier unseen films, including this description of Prisoner of Mars (1942) made when the film-maker was fifteen years old.
Cast: Kenneth Anger (The Boy-Elect from Earth). Synopsis: Science-Fiction rendering of the Minotaur myth. A "chosen" adolescent of the future is rocketed to Mars where he awakens in a labyrinth littered with the bones of his predecessors.
Brilliantly illustrated, with stunning stills that remind one a little of his groundbreaking gossip book Hollywood Babylon, which I may have to go back and read, since this book connects it to his Crowley ritual business.


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