Saturday, May 24, 2008

Organ grinding

The Clientèle - Strange Geometry
I heard "Sunday Morning" on the radio this morning and it gave me an insatiable taste for tremolo guitar. Instead of boring the whole house by sitting around and playing arpeggios through my sunshine yellow Danelectro DJ-5 Tuna Melt, I will let a group who excels at it do it for me. The Clientèle sound an awful like The Monkees on Quaalude's, which may or may not be a good thing depending on where you stand, but they are a scintillating live act. They fill the room the same way light off a disco ball does and then every once in a while cut through the shimmer with a young George Harrison-meets-Television-grade laser guitar solo.

Clinic - Walking With Thee
Clinic has the same sort of thing going on except there is more brute force to their rotary motion, or -

The Clientèle : "Pleasant Valley Sunday" :: Clinic : "Sympathy for the Devil"

Clinic grinds a song into fine meal while leaving weird grainy things interspersed perfectly throughout the bread when its baked. Plus, they are playing here in town tonight, which is cool. I'll admit, I wasn't a huge fan of theirs until I dug into the catalog researching for the interview, but there is something really interesting about how they go about things. They almost have a techno sense of riff - set it in motion and then hang things on it as it progresses like it's a clothesline. It's a trait they share with my beloved The Fall, but Clinic has a bit more polish to it. But then, rusted out cars in back pastures have more polish than does The Fall most of the time.

(hours later)

...and now that I'm back from their live show, holy cow, Clinic is one of the best bands ever. More on that as my brain unfolds the oragami swan of organ grinding R-A-W-K that is Clinic

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