Wednesday, May 28, 2008

[225] CD Review: Harlan Spiderette (Odd Thud)

On the second Harlan album, Spiderette, songwriter John Norris—who recorded debut The Still Beat on his own—enlists the help of his live band. As a result the group sounds more at ease with its muse, utilizing a subtle yet dense pop orchestration to hold the songs aloft. For instance, “Cancelling the Frisbees” contains a chatter of handclaps and cinematic keyboard washing around serpentine lyrics. Spiderette is a mature, confident album filled with wonder. The band performs an album release show May 10 at Chelsea’s Café.

Recommended if you like: Lloyd Cole, The Cars, New Order circa Low-Life

Essential tracks: “Conundrums,” “Cancelling the Frisbees,” “Locked Inside My Brain (at the CIA)”


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