Monday, May 5, 2008

Today's Soundtrack: 5/5/2008

The Roots - Rising Down
Not feeling it. Where's the bass that was supposed to be on this record? It sounded like it was coming from a transistor radio circa 1981, which maybe was the point, but its not really a good point.

Portishead - Third
Eesh - I feel this even less. Perhaps their ten-year silence was due to suspended animation and they just woke in their isolation tubes, croaking "Let's give that Kate Bush a run for her money." I know people really really like them for some reason, like folks are holding on to the flimsy promises of trip-hop maybe? Was there any promise of it? My trip hop nostalgia takes two forms: I am going to regret sleeping with this person and I am paying way to much for this lousy haircut. Dreadful stuff; put them back in the tube, HAL. If it was playing during a scene of a Matt Damon action movie, I'd wish they'd turn it down so I cold hear Matt Damon speak.

Boris - Smile (Southern Lord and Japanese versions)
for review purposes

Shearwater - Rook
I heard but a smidge of it this afternoon, but that smidge was wonderful. Like Antony and the Johnsons but icier, more pristine.

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