Friday, May 30, 2008

Sukie Outlined

You have new Picture Mail!

  • We got a dog
    • Rat terrier named Sukie
    • Her name was already Sukie
    • But it's likely we would have named her Sukie anyway
      • "Sukie in the Graveyard" by Belle and Sebastian is a favorite song of
        • Me
        • My daughter
          • It's actually not very age-appropriate song for a kid, lyrically speaking
          • But you can't really understand what they are saying
            • Sung fast
            • Scottish accent
          • But the organ beat is unstoppable
  • From Craigslist
    • This should have been our first warning
    • The second being the people met me at a gas station 30 miles out of town
    • The car had
      • The grandma, who
        • Was driving
        • Didn't glance in my direction
        • Didn't stop the engine
      • Three blond kids
      • Pregnant woman in her twenties that
        • Handed over the somewhat dirty kennel
        • Explained that her fourth was on its way and the Grandma had a seven-year-old herself
        • Wished I would've taken the dog and run
  • For free
    • No such thing as a free dog
    • We though she was just nervous and timid, then
    • We thought she was sick
      • Worms
      • Lethargic
      • Throwing up
    • And she was
      • Virus
      • Nothing that couldn't be fixed by
        • $300
        • A couple days at the vet.
  • For my daughter's seventh birthday
    • When I left to pick the dog up we told her
      • One of her friends was getting a dog
      • So they needed to go get a collar and bowl and etc etc for them
    • When I got back she saw her
      • And said Oh is that [friend's] dog?
      • And fell apart when we said it was hers
  • We are training her
    • Crate in the house
    • Total Dog Whisperer style
    • To walk on a leash
      • She hates leaving the house
      • And loves to come back in
  • And so far, she
    • Walks best with my daughter
    • Is quiet
    • Is a pretty good dog.


  1. Thanks you for rescueing Sukie! I have 3 ratties that I've adopted and they are all wonderful.

  2. Dogs are such great pets. I'm glad your daughter has one, wish I had had one when I was a girl.