Sunday, May 11, 2008

5 things

You have new Picture Mail!
  1. I should count my blessings I have a cautious child, but sometimes they need a push into the territory of daring.
  2. Nobody sells Russian Caravan Tea in town, and ordering it means paying more in shipping than it costs, and since it's a blend anyway, I am figuring out the recipe for myself. Currently in the running: one pinch of Irish Breakfast tea (which is a mix of Assam and Black tea), one slightly bigger pinch of high grown Ceylon, and a half-pinch of Lapsang Suchon. Preciousness - OWN IT.
  3. As usual, her caution proved to be sound thinking, for minutes later when I convinced her to let me swing her a little higher, she fell through those lilies below and into the lake.
  4. My book is currently at a standstill because this one chapter called for considerably more research than the others, and now I'm thinking the rest of them probably do too.
  5. You have new Picture Mail!Did I mention we got a Wii? I will be the 475,235th testifier that shrugs and I don't even like video games without looking away from the screen.


  1. When my dad was building a playhouse for my sister and I, a 2x4 fell and hit me on the head. I ran and hid in my mom's car for like an hour and wouldn't talk to him. Another instance of a father doing something nice that went terribly wrong.

  2. 1. I like lists. A lot.
    2. This entry should fall under the label "heartstrings," as in, "I'm Alex V. Cook, and I'm about to tug at your heartstrings in a really sly way."
    3. Have you tried the Russian Tea Room on Highland?

  3. and 4. I don't like video games either. But now I'm interested in Wii. But as a 9 year old, I was known to thrash about while playing Pac-Man, and it's not really a physical game. So I might be scary playing Wii.

  4. re: natalie - dang yo, I didn't think it went terribly wrong, just moderately haywire. My daughter can use a little haywire now and then.

  5. re: treerockcloud

    The Russian Tea Room is closed! I went in there once and got a creepy vibe, like I wans't really supposed to be there. A friend of mine that grew up in Chicago said it was likely a bag joint for the mob!

    and the Wii is the bomb. I'm already developing Wii Tennis Elbow