Tuesday, May 27, 2008

[Record Crate] Clinic amazes, Lizaveta will dazzle and Murder by Death might remind you of someone

To put it succinctly, last Saturday's Clinic show at the Spanish Moon was amazing. Their stage get-up consisting of aloha shirts and surgical masks points to their mix of icy distance and goofy fun that makes them stand out from the pack. They dutifully doled out their entire new album Do It! during the first set while reserving the rest for their back catalog, catching myself and the rest of the room up in their groove like we were being hypnotized by a maniacal organ grinder. Opening act Mark Sultan (of critical fave BBQ) offers a stripped-down version of the same, squealing his Motown soul over power chords and a bass drum played with his foot. Sure, both groups had their gimmicks, but each delivered their infectious rock 'n' roll with nary a shred of posturing or pretense. It was one of the best shows I've seen in a long time.

Stinking Lizaveta is a nebulous outfit from Philadelphia that knits hard rock, intricate world rhythms and swooning chamber music into a tight web in a manner that actually kicks ass rather than just demonstrates fret board and drum kit prowess. They will be appearing at an early show Wednesday at the Spanish Moon along with the Clydesdale Hooves of The Sword and Torche.

Murder by Death offer a different breed of heaviness at Chelsea's this week, one rooted in haunted woods and country fiddles. The melodramatic vocals of Adam Turla remind me of The Cult's Ian Astbury and Nick Cave while the band's cello-infused rolling thunder resembles 16 Horsepower and, er, Nick Cave as well. Murder by Death will plant their own bad seeds Thursday on the Chelsea's stage.

J.J. Callier grew up working in his father's zydeco and blues record store in Lafayette, learning the heritage of zydeco music as well as its place in modern life, and that experience gets transmitted through his funky accordion. He and his powerhouse band, The Knockouts, will be appearing at Boudreaux & Thibodeaux's on Friday.

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