Sunday, May 11, 2008

Evidently Chickentown

The Raincoats - The Kitchen Tapes
Rather lovely live, informal thing. In 1992, Kurt Cobain famously hunted singer Ana da Silva down in a London antiques store to ask for a copy of their eponymous post-punk debut.

The Ex - Turn
Somewhere along the punk axis, midpoint between the Clash's classicist sensibilities and Crass' dutiful purpose, perhaps near where The Fall's jagged tangent staggers through the line, Dutch iconoclasts The Ex plant their burning flag. They make the recited recipe for a sweet potato pie on "The Pie" sound like a call to arms. Actually, it probably is a biting political allegory about The Fascists that goes right over my head as I sit before them, drooling like Homer Simpson, mmmmm sweet potato piiiiiiiie

The Bard of Salford
- BBC Radio documentary about Manchester punk/poet John Cooper Clarke. There is something delicious about and English crank. His retelling of his former jobs has the patina of his incendiary and often funny poems. His most famous piece, "Evidently Chickentown"made it onto the soundtracks for The Sopranos and Joy Division biopic Control, which possibly says something. He's opened for Elvis Costello and The Fall, dated Nico for a while, and is a mentor to both the Arctic Monkeys and Lily Allen, which might also say something about him. Anyone engaged in the endgame of performing or listening to poetry owes itself to themselves to check him out.

some guy's homemade video for John Cooper Clarke's "Evidently Chickentown"

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