Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Reverse Abecedary on Self-Indulgence, in 100 Words

Vanity Smurf

Zenith to
Xperience* as a growing
Writer is when you are
Vilified for over-
Utilizing the
Technique of
Self-Indulgence. It is assumed there is a sacred
Responsibility on the part of author to express himself as
Quietly as
Possible through the exploration
Of the subject at hand. I do
Not believe this to be categorically true. The
Meeting of subject and author is sometimes
Like getting to
Katmandu – the enlightenment lies in the arduous
I do,
Get the
Feeling that
Editing is really all about
De-emphasizing those personal
Concerns into implication, solely for the
Benefit of

* I know I cheated with the X but my muse told me it was OK

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