Monday, May 5, 2008


I'm so used to the slash-and-burn of Internet research that the steps I had to go through to photocopy eight pages of a book in the Hill Memorial Special Collections at LSU were positively fetishistic in their quaint, antiquarian ways. I had to do the following:

  1. Present my ID and fill out a petition to use the collection at the front desk (purple form in the image below.)
  2. Rip page with call number out of my notebook.
  3. Get issued a key to locker number 8 (orange keychain below)
  4. Place my pen and notebook in that locker.
  5. Lock it.
  6. Climb a marble staircase to the South Reading Room.
  7. Fill out a statement of usage form(not pictured), presenting license again.
  8. Fill out call-slip (the receipt of which is the blue form in the image below.)
  9. Wait for second attendant to pull the book.
  10. Hand call-slip that attendant to pull book.
  11. Read reading room rules form while attendant retrieved the book.
  12. Proceed around the desk to the copier.
  13. Make eight copies.
  14. Return to desk with book and copies.
  15. Pay $.40 for copies (The receipt of which is the pink form in the image below)
  16. Receive change.
  17. Have the first attendant sign the purple form.
  18. Take receipt of copier payment and receipt of call slip.
  19. Descend marble staircase.
  20. Unlock locker.
  21. Retrieve pen and notebook.
  22. Lock locker.
  23. Return key to ground floor attendant.
  24. Return petition for use (purple form) to attendant.

You have new Picture Mail!

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  1. Welcome back to LSU. lol.
    Though I've been able to take a full notebook (not scraps of paper) into Hill Memorial several times.