Friday, May 2, 2008

An Open Challenge to Slaywhore


Dear Slaywhore,

In your capacity as an (the?) all-female Slayer tribute band, with a hatred and disgust of humanity only one with the capability to bear it can possess, please come to our putrid pestilent city and play a double bill with Baton Rouge's own Harptallica, an all-female Metallica tribute harp duo to meet wo-mano a mano on tribute-metal's barren plane. I challenge you to test the Fundamental Theory of Metal (Slayer > Metallica) for validity in the realm of all-female tribute acts. Surely you understand, metal protocol dictates my allegiance to be with the hometown girls, but the humid winds of rivalry beg to blow through all y'all's blood-soaked tresses. Hail!

All the best,
Alex V. Cook


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