Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Seeing the shine in the black sheep boy

Today's soundtrack is the entire Okkervil River catalog in chronological order

Okkervil River is one of those bands that I just didn't have time to hit. So many sad-sack, prolific, coarse-voiced, semi-folky dreamers, so little time. And I am in total love with the new Shearwater (and the last one too) of whose Jonathon Meiburg used to be a part of the Okkervil posse. Letting Will Sheff and crew dole out the mood-rock in chronological order, I don't really feel a progression as much as an increasing confidence of touch, always delicate and a little cold, but more and more there.

After a while, I want to dub them "Overkill River" but a man has to express his sadness even if its the same goddamn sadness everyday. This stuff is rougher around the edges than Shearwater, but right now, I think diamond prisms fail to play with the fading light with as much magical acuity than does Shearwater, so maybe I am not an accurate gage of things. I do think he's onto something, as is that guy from the Eels and the guy from Clem Snide, even the Old 97s in a weak moment - I want it to be dirtier, more rickety than it is, but it will totally do.

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