Thursday, August 26, 2010

why I like what I like

Maybe it's like how you can't easily take a picture of fireworks. These were shot off in honor of my buddy Lance's daughter's birthday last weekend, and now here it is his birthday. Happy birthday, you old bastard!

Page France, Hello, Dear Wind
Cotton Jones, Paranoid Cocoon 
Gert Jonke, The Distant Sound  
Owl & the Pussycat, Owl & the Pussycat 

Media announcement: I suggest you go out to Teddy's this weekend for an all star blues jam benefit for Sherill Jackson as suggested by my most recent post on The Record Crate.

I'm really smitten with this Cotton Jones album of 2009, as I am of this album by their former band Page France of 2005. I suspect Cotton Jones' album of 2010 will smite me similarly when I get my ears on it.

The Distant Sound is joining a group of books that I enjoy without really knowing what exactly is going on. I tried explaining it and the pleasures I extract from its ilk to my well-read and sensible wife and she said it sounded awful. It might be. It's making me question why I like what I like which is probably good for something. I compared it to abstract painting, something we both adamantly like, but I don't think that's it because abstract painting is visceral and immediate when it works and in abstract literature (a terrible term that I won't use again) the good stuff comes on like a fever dream epiphany after spending too much time in the sweat lodge. Which, when I say it like that, still doesn't sound all that fun.

Ed to add: Cotton Jones made me think of Owl & the Pussycat's song  "Don't Play Me" which once made me drop everything and run out and go someplace to buy the album. Like, "Excuse me. I gotta go do something." That's when you know you like something!

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  1. Thanks man. I am an old bastard, but you are older...