Friday, August 20, 2010

Sufjan Stevens! Philip Glass! Streaming! Freedom!

I love going through this archway. I go through it every time I walk to the library from my office and doing so feels like I'm going somewhere!

Sufjan Stevens, All Delighted People
Daan Vanderwalle, Alvin Curran: Inner Cities

A new Sufjan Stevens album is upon us! Streaming freely like the acceptance of huddled masses does from the copper lips of the Statue of Liberty! Streaming like the last Dodgers banner in Brooklyn! Streaming like, well, a stream! It's gorgeous and I just started listening to it, so I think its only going to get more gorgeous!

<a href="">All Delighted People (Original Version) by Sufjan Stevens</a>

Also there's finally this!

Philip Glass listening to and commenting on his "Openings" being played on marimba by Brian Bell at an LSU School of Music master class, April 13, 2010. It has somehow taken forever for me to upload this. I love how he has Brian explain the remarkably simple architecture that comprise this piece, and gives his insights on playing it toward the end of the video. On not notating tempo:  "A good musician will know what to do and a bad musician will never get it right, so why bother?"

Ed. to add:

As if on cue, I was confronted with this streaming video of Jonathan Franzen, author of Freedom, talking about why he doesn't like streaming videos, or making them or something. I mean... !

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