Tuesday, August 17, 2010

mid-century vinyl

I see a darkness.

Otomo Yoshihide, Anode
Ultra Bide, Super Milk 
Melt-Banana, Teeny Shiny 
James Blackshaw, All is Falling 

I moved offices yesterday in one of those somewhere-down-the-we're gonna-hold-up-can-you-do-it-like-right-now kind of moves and my new office feels clean and orderly with none of my junk strewn around it yet. I think the hat rack already living there lends the room a Mad Men touch. Maybe there's a leftover mid-century vinyl couch awaiting me in the basement to complete the look. I might need to get a hat.

Then I worked all night to the clamor of Japanese noise rock; basically with someone else's (if not a whole culture's) junk strewn across my head. Such are my methods. Who's got the coffee up on this end of the building?

I like the cut of that Otomo Yoshihide's jib.

James Blackshaw was a 2AM cool-down lap.

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