Monday, August 16, 2010

metaphoric level

If pressed, I recommend the pomegranate raspberry over the lime cactus

Lil' Abe Manuel, Jr., Swire from Grand Chenier 
Blonde Redhead, Penny Sparkle (out soon)
Swans, My Father Will guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky (out soon)

I got in a batch of new Louisiana music and picked the most egregious looking one to listen to on the way to the pool party and even it was pretty good, better than the novelty flavored Michelob Ultra being passed around. I'm not in marketing, but when I think thirst-quenching, cactus is a flavor implication I would avoid even if just on a metaphoric level. Plus, not enough lime. The pomegranate option, one guesses, plays on the Persephone myth - one innocent swig will keep the most unknowing virgin in the clutches of hell for a season. At least it will taste the same coming back up.

I joined an online book club yesterday and I might already regret it. Internet acceleration at work; normally I have to go to two book club meetings before I want to resign. Blonde Redhead, I dunno about. It's hardly even there, but when it does emerge from its own placid waters, it's lovely. The new Swans, same. Man, I love old Swans. Swans was my heavy metal in my twenties, back when I couldn't accept that I needed heavy metal, but this new one makes me want to walk over and exasperatedly ask if they won't please turn it down, some of us have to work in the morning. Which I do, now that morning is here.

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