Wednesday, August 4, 2010

a sailor's warning

There is a sailor's warning about this, as well as a Fixx song.

Media Announcement: in this week's installment of my 225 blog, I declare there are cool things on the Internet. I know! I should have told you before now but I was busy.  

Examples of cool things cited in the aforementioned post: apocalypse rock and public library databases.

Other interesting things on the Internet:  @ayeletw and Art From Behind.This story in The Awl about  Connie Converse stopped me in my tracks as well.

Connie Converse, "One By One"

Why I'm doing this: I just got word that a longshot article I submitted got accepted and I have to augment it with some pithy colon-ized front matter, so I'm getting in the practice.

Important thing to note, succinctly put by Stephen Elliott in his daily, overly personal Rumpus email: "The problem is the mosque isn't at ground zero, it's two blocks away. That's a pretty significant difference. The other problem is that it isn't a mosque."

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