Wednesday, August 18, 2010

the maggots of the mind of the universe

I don't remember if I ever posted this pic of Highlights, the turtle belonging to Maya's friend, so here it is. I like the carnage it made of the tomatoes.

Funkadelic, Maggot Brain
Sly & the Family Stone, There's a Riot Goin' On

Of all the million times I've listened to Maggot Brain, it never sunk in until this rainy morning stuck in traffic that it is a satire of flower power, the extended blues jam reduced to just the guitar solo, hokey jug-bandism folded into "Back Into Our Minds", drug-augmentation and pusherman bemoaning boiled down to "Super Stupid" the greatest acid rock song that never was because it's meta-acid-rock, or acid meta-rock, or some speedball  combination thereof. We are not flowers that spring from the dirt; we are that which feasts on the maggots of the mind of the universe.  I really tried to listen to Riot, particulalrly "Family Affair" but Rhapsody wouldn't behave in the car and now, safe from the streets and the rain and the end of the world, it is soft as worn-out pillow. The comfort found in getting the point of Armageddon.

R.I.P. Ralph Records, demolished home of the Residents. If I had a giant eyeball mask, I would paint a blue tear on it and wear it all day.

Goodbye, Skinny.

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  1. I've always wished I could have heard 'Get to That' with ears not familiar with all the rock/funk music contemporary to and arriving after it. What with it's meld of gospel, rock and funk it would have blown me away, for sure. Even still it's a song I can largely quote from memory, like reciting a proverb.