Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And melons

The plant in the living room assumes the Blue Öyster Cult position.

Whiskeytown, Stranger's Almanac
Richard Buckner, Impasse

I haven't listened to sweet old Whiskeytown since I reviewed the deluxe edition of this record back in 2008. In the same piece I like what I said about the renewable resource of the Elvis Costello's songbook: everything he does is going to be routinely turned like a retiree's spring garden. We amuse ourselves with ourselves.

I had a dream last night about going up in a balloon chasing after another balloon. We needed to catch that other balloon, like there was a kid in it, and my balloon pilot said it was the best way to catch another balloon. Anything else is too fast. I don't know if it means anything besides the obvious and shallow martyr/hero dream BS, esp. when I am actually not doing anything more heroic than being scared to death in a balloon and Facing My Fears. Dreams (like sleep dreams, not ambition dreams) are corny that way.

We toured my daughter's new school (starts tomorrow) at lunch and among its treasures was this tableau above the storage closet.


And a koi pond!


And melons in the garden! I wanna go to this school.


Been writing a thing about Richard Buckner and in the listening, I'd forgotten how pretty much of Impasse is.

Richard Buckner, "...& The Clouds've Lied"

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