Friday, August 27, 2010


Awesome video for "Judy and the Dream of Horses."

Belle & Sebastian, "Judy & the Dream of Horses" and Dear Catastrophe Waitress and Belle & Sebastian Present: Books and The Life Pursuit


I am all stuck up in some Belle & Sebastian this week. I don't even think "Judy" is a particularly good song in the details, but a great song on the whole.

Tangentially connected, ("Books") I really like this promo video for Patrick DeWitt's The Bastard. It reminds me of the animation in the original Wild Wild West show. I can't wait for the Internet to be about books instead of cats. (via Bookninja) Also via them, and book nerd Internet-y, the Man Booker Prize app for the iPhone is totally unnecessary and biblio-precious and exquisitely tight. And free. Like ha-ahhh-ahhhh-ah-orses!

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