Tuesday, August 17, 2010

upon display is a glider

Guy Davenport, Tatlin!

I am disembarking the Jack London hobo train for the cheery Konstruktivizm of Guy Davenport's Tatlin! (the reading of which is my participation in the Guy Davenport Revival) whose title story opens at an exhibition where upon display is a glider, about which this interchange transpires:
— What is the glider for?
— It is for everyday use.

I like how this guy thinks. Also:
Malevich is an Old Believer, a cunning God-possessed Slav, a mad Platonist descended from the Byzantines, a mediaeval geometer. We agree that art is a model for living. He is a blueprint, I am a saw and hammer.

Malevich, Tatlin, Davenport, window. And wouldn't you know, Jack London makes an appearance on page 41. There are some trains you just cannot get off.

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