Monday, August 2, 2010

skee-balls could be re-purposed

Awaiting the ultimate showdown.

Iron & Wine and Calexico, In the Reigns
Elliott Smith, From a Basement on the Hill
Thou, Summit (streaming at NPR)

At that crucial moment during the birthday party, I always want the robotic Chuck E. Cheese to attack the costumed one per the primary directive; Frankenstein walking off his little platform intoning THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE over and over. Death match over by the ticket-counter thing. Whack-a-mole mallets and skee-balls could be re-purposed.

At some point this morning I have to type up an interview I did last week with Thou, Baton Rouge's finest apocalypse rock outfit, and lo, their new album Summit is streaming on the NPR website. Tight. How is it that public radio is kinda better at the Internet than the Internet is? Maybe because they have some actual investment in telling people things they would find interesting? There is a lesson in that, somewhere. Happy Monday!

The mariachi singer in "He Lays in the Reigns" kills me every time.

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