Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Various Artists - Sleepwalking through the Mekong (lala)
Bill Kirchen - Hammer of the Honky Tonk Gods (lala)
William Bowers "All We Read in Here is Freaks" (in The Rumpus)
Jerry Lee Lewis au piano avec the Nashville Teens - Enrigistrement Public au Star Club de Hambourg

Houndog - Houndog
Tom Waits - Real Gone (lala)
Peter Wolf - Midnight Souvenirs (lala)

That Jerry Lee album sounds even more over-the-top in French. And though the Houndog record looks to be one you would place immediately back in the cut-out bin (also, a nigh un-Googleable band name), it is a scorcher of darker-Black Keys proportions with Los Lobo David Hidalgo corralling some coyote music around Canned Heat/John Mayall singer Mike Halby. It made me want to break my self-imposed moratorium on Tom Waits just to witness Marc Ribot doing his best David Hidalgo. Thanks to Clarke for the hookup on both of these.

That William Bowers essay about reading and teaching Emily Dickinson is the shit. I first read Mr. Bowers when he had the killer line in the 2009 OA Music Issue author interviews: She looked at me like I was a lost, farting robot. I've remarked on it before but it remains a remarkable line.

That Peter Wolf is alright. "Centerfold" is monument of uncomfortable nostalgia for me, so I've never really checked into him, but yeah, do it. Goes good with well specials and sports on muted bar TV's.

That big yellow iris is blooming right outside my front door.

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