Wednesday, April 14, 2010

in the right valley BTW the MTNs of SHT

Holy Fuck, Latin (out 5/11)
Kathy Mattea, Coal (lala)
Bert Jansch, Santa Barbara Honeymoon (lala)
The National, various tracks from High Violet (out 5/10, obtained here and here and here)
LCD Soundsystem, This is Happening (streaming at their website)

I am just prudish enough to question the wisdom in putting "fuck" in your band name, plus I know how difficult it is to promote indie things in boorish old print (where it apparently still counts) and on the radio (dunno if that counts anymore) and your cheeky effrontery just doesn't help. Nonetheless, Holy Fuck's latest is great saunter-to-the-bus-stop music and "SHT MTN" (see, you don't have to put swears on everything for it to work) is the best song title of the year. I want to write "SHT MTN" on a lot of things now, in the taxonomizing sense. Perhaps I should have labels made up.

This by old Bert Jansch is a thing of dated, shimmering beauty heard high atop SHT MTN.

And damn if the National still aren't just the best band. If ever I reach SHT MTN's summit, I will tearfully plant their flag in its barren ground. I don't even know what this song is called and I love it already.

Get on that LCD Soundsystem. Smart as hell, I think, or even better, it feels smart as hell. It may actually be dumb as FCK and I may just be in the right valley BTW the MTNs of SHT to receive it.

The above is the small mountain of broccoli I am fixin' to eat for lunch with not enough hummus. Is there ever enough? Read what you will in SHT MTN associations.

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  1. Tentatively titled "The Runaway." And they are awesome. Weird to think you and I saw them four or five years ago at Red Star. And that host guy is my hero. He's the one that totally rocked that Billy Bob Thornton interview when BBT acted like such a dickhead.