Wednesday, April 7, 2010

As did Buck Owens

The Magnetic Fields - Realism (lala)
Various Artists - Mississippi Records Tape TLC Vol. 1: Men With Broken Hearts (ROOT BLOG)

Scenes from a life: (1) the sudden onslaught of irises outside our front door, (2) functional string art, (3) the dazzling violence of the azaleas, and (4) my wife's mindbending ragù alla bolognese. It's a good life even with the pollen.

I stopped into the Rite-Aid for some Zyrtec so I wouldn't asphyxiate under all this beauty, and a lady was buying carts of stuff there with two kids in tow. One kid pointed his ring pop and addressed the other in a gravelly monster voice, "You are a dirty, dirty germ" which made the whole ordeal worthwhile.

As did Buck Owens' "Your Tender Loving Care" and Yodelin' Kenny Roberts' "Sweet Little Cherokee" and Slim Whitman's "At the End of Nowhere" from Men With Broken Hearts as I was stuck with the spring break, reduced-schedule bus stop limbo blues.

Best mix tape ever made. Now that the antihistamines have taken hold, it's this Charlie Feathers song that's killing me.

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