Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"article mode"

Joe Bonomo, Jerry Lee Lewis: Lost & Found (Amazon)
Mississippi Slim, You Can't Lose These Blues (lala)
John Lee Hooker, The Legendary Modern Recordings

Speaking of MTNs, above are the fabled Indian Mounds, sitting here on campus since before the time of the pyramids. I was looking for a picture online for the previous post and instead stumbled on this story, where archeologists speculate cremations may have gone down there. No better place to sit and read accounts on how the Killer resurrected himself after his sacrificial scandals and how his finest hours stand the tests of time.

See, can you tell I'm in "article mode?"


  1. I want to follow the Mound Trail and read all of the historical markers. I just need a mobile home.

  2. Have you ever seen the one in Solitude, on the way to Cat Island? It's all overgrown and cordoned off with the little neighborhood is basically built around it.