Thursday, April 29, 2010

the first of the peppers...defies epiphanization

Tony Allen, Secret Agent (2010, lala)
Meat Puppets, Too High to Die (1994, lala)
Xiu Xiu, Dear God, I Hate Myself (2010, lala)
Destroyer, Streethawk: A Seduction (2001/re-issued 2010, lala)

I'm working up a review of the new Tony Allen album and keep getting snagged on the second song "Ijo", especially about half-way through when an accordion appears. I had a Zydeco epiphany from it (the rarest, most specific kind of epiphany) that Explained A Lot, and then suddenly the accordion was gone, as if it actively defied epiphanization.

I propose this as background music as one ponders setting the Gulf of Mexico ablaze as an actual solution to the Deepwater Horizon spill.

and while we are at it, I always loved this one too.

Perhaps in unknowing metaphysical solidarity, Xiu Xiu wants a lock of your hair so they can set it on fire and inhale the fumes while saying your name. Cool! I love the young people and their modern voodoo rituals. Maybe I was too quick to harsh on Treme's chicken sacrifice bit.

Here back in the humble tangle of the garden, the first of the peppers is making its dramatic entrance, meekly pleading that I go get a new hoe already. I can't find a way to tie this into the Destroyer song below, so I'll just post it. Perhaps it too defies epiphanization.

You got the spirit.
Don't lose the feeling.

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