Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dig "Malaria"

Quiet American, Vox Americana: Echolocations Volume 1 (here)
Tetsu Inoue and Carl Stone, pict.soul
Tonstartssbandht, "Oh, Beyoncé, please shut up" (YouTube; above)

Media Announcement:
My contributions to the Offbeat Jazzfest Bible are now online here: Robert "1-String" Gibson and Brother Tyrone. as well as on their nifty free iPhone app.

Quiet American is a found-sound-manipulated-into-music project along the lines of Carl Stone but this person stays closer to the sound part and yet coaxes nearly subconscious songs and elegant compositions from those sounds. It sounds like simple thing to do, weird sounds are cool 'n' all, but it's rare that the results are as embraceable as this. Dig "Malaria." Hat tip to Dickie Landry for bubbling this to the surface.

I've never heard this particular Carl Stone album. I came to him when I picked up Mom's sound-unheard at Paradise Records one afternoon eons ago when my friend the manager was frustrated with his job and said "go get anything you want out of the racks" and since then, I have maintained a policy of getting something I've never heard of whatsoever with a free CD ticket or trade credit and it's rarely led me astray. pict.soul is electronica by and for mosquitoes, whereas Mom's is a muthafucka of simple genius loop usage.

I have no idea what Tonstartssbandht is all about besides being a lower rent Animal Collective, except that Randy posted this and Beyoncé's thighs compel me to spread the word.

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