Saturday, December 5, 2009

war pigs right now (R.I.P Jack Rose)

The Jacks - Vacant World - I am reading Julian Cope's detailed and thrilling history of Japanese 60s and 70s rock 'n' roll Japrocksampler, a book so good that it makes me wonder what business I have trying to write about anything. OK that's an exaggeration; Julian Cope inspires the hyperbolic. Every band name he bellows form atop his personal Mt. Fiji is suddenly your favorite band, note unheard.

Case in point, the Jacks. Hyper bum-out 1968 psyche-folk with traces of electro-jolt brilliance; the perfect rare record in that any recognizable moments, like it sounds like farm league Leonard Cohen at points, is undercut by being in Japanese. Japrocksampler is the kind of book like Alex Ross' The Rest is Noise, requiring a laptop nearby and thankfully, some kind soul has dropped some of this rarest rarity up on the YouTube. Plus look at those sunglasses! We will never hear about them again, most likely, so here is our chance.


"Vacant World"

"Tokei Wo Tomete"

Black Sabbath - Paranoid - I listened to these above songs while in the ridiculously long line at the Starbucks, first thinking Jeez, y'all, be bigger cliche shopper assholes why don't ya and pile up wherever there's a cash register then thinking I am here too and thereby a fellow asshole, with the whole experience making me wanna hear "War Pigs" right then. Generals gathering in their masses, maybe.

Jack Rose - Kensington Blues - It is terrible news that avant-folk-ragtime-raga-whatever fingerpicking son of the universal soul vibrator Jack Rose passed away from a heart attack today at a mere 38. He was some kind of guitar player.

Finally, this is just beautiful. Wallace Berman - "Aleph"

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